Monday, August 2, 2010

August 1st & 2nd 2010

Left Morrisville, VT early to head to Ottawa, Ontario to see Parliament Hill. Basically that is all we did all day was ride however, Cheryl made the GPS take us to some really cool "short cuts" via dirt country roads. Nothing too technical but fun nonetheless. The dirt roads would just pop up randomly and we took issues with the quality of the roads like when the GPS took us to a dead end and a road we could not ride....see previous post.

We stopped somewhere in New York. We crossed over NY from VT before we re-entered Canada. Yes, we are going up and down. In any case we stopped at a gas station and across the street was this church. Next to the church was a tree with 3 Peregrine Falcon fledglings. Because I am a raptor lover, this was wayyyyyyyyyyyyy cool to see. They were playing, preening and flying around. Just love their calls! Did not see the adults but the kids were good enough for me.

After the church pit stop we headed to Ottawa. Ottawa is a beautiful city except around the Parliament Sussex Drive was not a paved road. All rock and dirt and dust. Seems weird they would tear up the road during the height of the tourist season. We did not see Stephen Harper but we did see where he hangs out and it was gorgeous. I pulled up right in front of the building in the sidewalk. Cheryl was like "NOOOOOO" there are RCMP all over. I said "YESSSSSS" I am getting a picture. There is no stopping in front and we did not want to park. Here are two of my pics!


After this photo op we took off for Renfrew, Ontario. We had to go through Quebec and that was interesting as we both have never been there. We did not see anything really but was there long enough to know and see that English is nowhere. No English signs all French. People did speak English to us though. Short ride through this Province and we ended up in Renfrew at another KOA cabin. BBQ beans and chilli in their cans and had dinner. Hung out for awhile and then off to sleep. Cheryl passed out and was snoring in a matter if minutes.

August 2nd, 2010

This was a day to make up time and ride 647 km to Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. The day started out really well for about 4 hours. The last 4 were miserable as it poured on us for hours. We were shy of our destination by 150 km and decided it was getting dangerous. We could not see because our shields were wet on the inside and we were getting wet. Cheryl's low beam light bulb blew out the other day and riding in this heavy rain with just a high beam is not safe. Stopped at a motel and there is where our day ended. Better weather predicted tomorrow and it too will be a long riding day and back to the States!

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