Thursday, August 5, 2010

August 5th 2010

Both is us got a decent sleep last night for the first time in awhile. I woke up early as usual and while hanging out around the cabin I watch rabbits running around and heard a juvenile Bald Eagle calling out. Along this trip I have also be able to see many of my favourite raptors. Ospreys, Eagles, Peregrine Falcons, Hawks and a bunch of other birds. Raptors are my passion not Cheryl's but she does at times point them out if I haven't seen them first.

Started out around 0900 for a long straight ride on Highway 2. Nothing too exciting to report other than we had a lot of time to just ride and think. Saw some really beautiful sunflower fields but as Cheryl would say, "you could watch your dog run for days" in this part of the country. Had lunch in Devil's Lake, known to be the geographical center of North America. Who knew...but now we do. Weather was very comfortable throughout the entire day. Low to mid 70's and no humidity. What a difference when you are riding in nothing but sun. All I kept thinking about was how fast this trip has gone by and how I wish we had another month to head down to Colorado. I am feeling fortunate to have had this opportunity and the more people we talk to the more we are told how far we have gone in such a short period of time. At times it has felt like a marathon, but this trip was about reaching goals each day and being able to make it to Long Island and back.

Forgot to mention we had to buy Cheryl a new low beam bulb, H – 7 55 watt bulb that we bought at Napa. We first stopped off at a Harley dealer in Marquette, Wisconsin and they pointed us to Napa. Nice guys at that Harley dealership. We bought an extra bulb as a backup. Now Cheryl is back up and running brightly.

Our Heidenau K60 tires still have plenty of tread on them to take us all the way. We have put about 12000 km on them. Our bikes other than being dirty from bug kill are doing great. Speaking of kill, I am so tired and saddened by all the raccoons, skunks and birds we see dead. The raccoons are almost always in pairs, like a male and female or a baby. Breaks my heart.

So, we are now hoping to start heading a bit northwest and would like to get to Banff by Saturday. It is about 13 hours from Minot. Coming into our final stretch and we will try to make the best of it. We are both not even close to being sick of riding or our bikes. J


  1. This trip went way too fast. Hope you take another one next year, maybe down the coast on Highway 101. Stay safe!

  2. went fast for you too eh? LOL We have done the about the Continental Divide or Alaska? I need to plan another trip to keep me from getting depressed.

  3. Hard to believe you're still not sick of riding bikes!! And I see it didn't take you too long to get back to thinking of (and reporting) the temp in the "American Way", lol. But you're still traveling km's, not miles. Interesting.

    Glad to hear you're getting to see the birds that you like.