Friday, August 6, 2010

August 6th 2010

Where has the time gone? Seems like yesterday we were taking off for this adventure and here we are in Swift Current, Saskatchewan. Only days away from being right in our driveway where we started on July 16th. This morning's ride started off with temperatures just right. About 15 degrees Celsius..about high 50's Fahrenheit. Warmed up to about 22 C and then we hit Canada....Saskatchewan heated up to a ripe old 30 or 90 degrees. Head winds on highway 1 were as usual intense and knocked us around the entire time from the border to Swift Current. Again no deviations, no real fun reports from this ride today. The goal no being Banff and then home.

Staying at another hotel with a/c. We both feel that this is a holiday after all and why not indulge since we have been pretty good with camping out an all. Looks like a storm is going to pass through here. Maybe that will cool things off for our morning ride to Alberta. We have no place to stay in Banff right now. The one thing we wanted to do was spend a night in a Tepee but the place is all booked. We will figure something out. Cheryl has decided to take us the long way home via Pemberton, BC. But from the sounds of it this might be a challenge. According to the news and reports we are getting from friends and family, the fires in the interior of BC are really bad and so is the smoke etc. I guess we will see them first hand on Sunday.

No pics from today, straight riding and now we are off to the Casino next to our hotel for some grub and maybe win some of the $$ we have spent on this Big Adventure. Take a look a is crazy the amount of territory we have covered....Maple Ridge, BC to Orient Point, New York (Long Island), then bar Harbour, ME and back west....crazy eh? We think so!

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