Wednesday, July 21, 2010

July 20th & 21st, 2010

I am going to have to add pictures with a better internet connection later!BUMMER!

Before I forget.....Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Minnesota and so far Wisconsin all do not have helmet laws for motorcycles. It also looks like motorcycle gear is optional. Needless to say Cheryl and I look like such the odd man out and obvious to the locals we are tourist riders. We both agree we rather ride our way. These guys are NUTS in those states!

Woke up early to a beautiful sunrise and cool morning.  Had breakfast at the KOA restaurant and headed out on our way to Mount Rushmore. Got to the monument and there was a long line to get into the National Park. So, we U-turned it and drove down the road a bit, stopped and took pictures.  All that way to see the Presidents but we did not go in. Cheryl was pleased to see that massive carving as was I. I saw Mount Rushmore when I was a kid with my folks. Everything, including all the states we are cruising through looks different from a bikes view and as an adult.

After the Kodak moment, we then on to found by mistake a very cool twisty back country where we were greeted around a bend by a herd of black cows. They blocked our road for a bit as we watched them and they did not like us there. After the road cleared we headed to the EVER boring I-90 to try to make up time. I-90 has to be the worse road ever. Uneven, bad shape although they are working it, BORING and did I say BORING. We ended the day in very HOT weather. Got up to 32 Celsius and about 90 Fahrenheit.  We were tired and hot by the time we got Mitchell, South Dakota. We were so psyched by the way when we got out of Montana. Much like the Prairies of Canada. Had a very nice greeting by the campground Hosts and even got a great deal on a cabin with a/c. We are obviously not roughing it and I am sure our credit will not thank us for this trip. Had a hard time starting the fire for our Chilli and Beans in the can but Cheryl got it going and all was good. Late to bed but satisfied with the mileage we did.

July 21, 2010 (703 km)
We got up really early this morning and were off. It is much easier to ride in the morning as we head east. It is cooler than the late day temperatures. Quickly stopped for a bite to eat at a Perkins and all fuelled up we took off once again for the dreaded I-90. Cheryl did get creative with the GPS and managed to save our lack of attention by taking us on a very nice scenic Country road for hours. Then we actually had to ride the I-90 to our destination of Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. That is all we did today in 90 degree weather was ride.  Both of us had to stop quite a bit to hydrate and we took our under gear and soaked it with water. Rode with the vents on the arms of our jackets slightly opened and that made the inside of our gear cooler as well as our body temperature. Riding in this heat we have to be really careful not to overheat and tire. One mistake and it is lights out when you are on a bike.

Little did we know that where we were going to be staying the night in possibly the biggest tourist trap in Wisconsin, Wisconsin Dells. Lots of water parks etc. Kids all over the place and stupidly high accommodation prices. Kamper Kevin is annoying Cheryl. He is one of the hosts. We are now trying to map out the last leg of this first part of our journey. Might be in NY by Saturday, July 24.


  1. Hey why not you post some images of BMW here? i think this is the lack of this post otherwise content are superb.

  2. we are working on pics. This blog is not the easiest to load bulks pictures.