Friday, July 30, 2010

July 28 2010

July 28th 2010
Woke up to my mother’s famous egg sandwich after a miserable night’s sleep because my parents like to keep their house with a/c on at 80 degrees.  Just kidding mom & dad.  Got packed up and ready to go at about 0800 and headed east on Long Island in the very humid, crappy weather “quote Cheryl”, to Orient Point.  We caught the Cross Island Ferry to New London, CT.  About an hour and 20 minutes.  We seem to be drawing a lot of attention from folks who think we are crazy once they find out where we are from and what we are doing.  However, it worked to our advantage when an elderly ferry crew member thought our bikes were cool and let us off first.
Once off the ferry we headed north to our destination of Middleboro, MA on Cape Cod.  Rode through small towns in Connecticut, Rhode Island and then arrived on the Cape.  Weather, which we are so over the humidity and heat was HUMID, HOT, a high of 93 Fahrenheit or 31.5 Celsius and Hazy of course.  Made the short ride of 286 km minus the ferry seem long. 
Once we set up our tent we headed off on my bike, Leslie’s to Plymouth, MA to see Plymouth Rock and the Mayflower II.  Yep it is a rock all right and really small.    Before we saw the rock a really nice couple let us park behind their car so we would not have to pay for parking.  They were bikers in their day.  Had a bite to eat at this little take out joint called Pebbles, took pics and headed back to camp.
Got back to camp, I SKYPED with my parents for a little while as Cheryl wondered about and moved our bikes under some trees.  Also, Cheryl made sure all of our gear would be safe and dry.  Good chance of a thunderstorm passing through tonight.  Oh yeah we got to test out our new Cardo G4 intercom set.  Different than our Scala Q2 but work really well with the MP3 and once we got used to how to chat, need to wait when activated they were pretty clear.  Love the stereo speakers.
Tomorrow we are off to Maine to see how far north we can get.  Going to stop in for coffee with some old friends from Leslie’s neighbourhood when growing up.  The Swennes’ live in Kennebunkport, ME.  Hoping for less humidity and a dry day.

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