Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July 18th, 2010


Sunday, July 18, 2010 (415 km) woke up in Kalispell, MT after a decent night’s sleep. Broke down camp and discussed where the Beemer’s would take us today. After a spin on the KOA scooter bike thingers, we were off and heading up the Road to the Sun in Glacier National park. The scenery was amazing; however, the traffic was an annoyance we could have done without! FOUR hours to ride 60 miles ugh! Annoying four wheeled vehicles aside, we enjoyed the views and the jaunt was a worthy one.  When we reached the summit, Logan’s Pass, we met some fellow Canucks who were also riding, but seemed to think we were crazy for riding such tall bikes, let alone riding them to New York. Ahhhh, they were from Saskatchewan, what do they know! Weather was sunny and hot.  High got to 32 Celsius.

Once we were out of the park, we headed to Great Falls; MT where we splurged and spent the evening in an air conditioned KOA Kamping Kabin. Leslie can’t be too long without her beloved internet which also why we choose the KOA’s as they have WIFI access.  We had a nice relaxing enjoyable evening, drinking some beer, chilli on the fire and even a shower! Cleaned and shined up, we headed to bed in our cute little kabin for the night.

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